Saturday, October 06, 2012

Seasons Of Growing


Gold, orange, red and brown; tumbling leaves all around.
Cool winds blowing, sparsely dressed trees; chilling the air for the first freeze.
Dark awakenings, early to bed; slower pace, warmer threads.

Where is Summer? It was just here!
Did I blink? Did I not care?

Taken for granted...warm, sunny days; many choices, lighting my way.
Stretching before me, lazily spent; plenty of time before winters event.

Before Spring(it seemed so long!)...waiting, anticipating, hurrying along.
Planting my future, much time to spare. Opportunities for growth, everywhere.
No need to hurry, p-l-e-n-t-y of time...years before Fall and life starts to unwind.

Winter must be close. What good comes from cold?
Slower moving, barren days, what promise can this hold?

Shared wisdom as memories unfold; lovely warm fires and stories to be told.
A life anticipating seasons of change; each an opportunity of wisdom to gain.

What was I thinking! Didn't I know? God gave us seasons to help us grow!
Each with its purpose and color to delight; holding out promise for each new life.
Just as seasons come and go, year after year, they display their show.

To remind us that He never changes or moves
Each season a promise of life to renew.


Rebecca said...

Sweet Sue! What ARE we thinking sometimes???? What a beautiful expression of your current "season". I thank God that our paths have crossed. ♥

susie said...

Thank you for your help and your inspiration. And, for being the first one to comment. I, too, thank God for our renewed friendship.