Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring! A season of hope, life and new beginnings. I love Spring! I don't know about all of you, but I think it has been a long, cold winter. I am itching to get outside and breath that new earth smell. I took my first walk of the year with my darling granddaughter, Alena. She came to us last summer as our bundle of God's blessing from Russia. I had the privilege of watching her for a few hours while her mom spent her birthday morning doing some fun things.

Since Jim's accident, I haven't had many opportunities to spend time with my grandchildren(I have 14 of them). And that's a shame because they bring me such joy. Life has had many challenges the past year and has kept me busy and tired. So, anyway, I decided to take the morning and play with Alena. She is only two 1/2 but very observant and full of fun. We ventured out into sunshine and headed for the playground a couple of blocks away. I was fully prepared to have to carry her part of the way as it was a distance for her little legs. Boy, was I fooled! I had to walk fast to keep up with her. It felt so good not having an agenda and acting like a kid. I introduced her to her shadow as the sun was behind us. I showed her how to make funny faces with my hands. It didn't take but a minute for her to catch on how to do it. Every couple of minutes we had to stop and try it out. I felt like a kid myself. My senses were alive and hearing all the sounds around us. Birds singing, kids laughing, creaking doors of people going in and out of their houses, coming out to review the winters wrath on their yards.

We walked the equivalent of 4 blocks and she wasn't even winded. I, on the other hand, made a mental note to start an exercise program- soon! Walking thru the front door and thinking she will be ready to do something quiet, like color, I removed my coat. Alena made a dash for the back door and looked up at me, as to say, "come, on, grandma, there's swings out there - let's go!" So, we did.

Twenty minutes later I coaxed her indoors and settled her in for lunch. I was awarded with a beautiful smile. Grandpa walked thru the door and beamed from ear to ear. His grandchildren are also, the joy of his life.

God is so good. Whatever this world takes from us, our heavenly father returns in ways that can't be outdone. We only need to take time stop, look and listen, and come to him as his child. No money or things lost can measure up to what he offers.

Enjoy this new season, smile and smell the roses, the tulips, the new cut grass. Jesus loves you.