Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Now THIS is scary!

 Diann, a friend I dearly admire recently wrote about decluttering her closets and her life. In fact, I have a house like that. ...and a life. If you walk into my house most days, hopefully, you find a reasonably uncluttered home with a place for everything and everything in its place. Right. That is the picture I present on the first floor. Of course, no one is allowed in the (ooh, scary!) upstairs. No, that is off limits, except for a few old and faithful friends who will love me in spite of my secret hoarding. If I allowed you to creep upstairs with me you might be sucked into my web of stuff, never to return again!
Entering at your own risk, you may first look for an exit sign, sensing it may be a one way trip. Cautiously, you would lift one foot, than the other, over the overflowing boxes of mementos of days gone by, from an era few remember. The scariest part - they are not my mementoes, but people I don't even know...and never met! Yes, that's right, I buy boxes of other peoples stuff! Weird, I know. But, oh how I love it. Before you risk putting another foot down, you may spot what looks to be a desk in the right hand corner of the room. I say looks, because it is hard to tell what it is under the piles of papers, books, collectible glassware, jewelry, pens, magnifying glasses etc.
In the left corner of the room is (what others may call) mess, is my comfy chair with Bible, books, paper and pen strewn lovingly around it.Some have told me it is a miracle in itself that I come out of that chair alive and am not swallowed, never to be found.  
When I am overcome with the stuff in my life, I sit and read about the creator of peace and order and allow him to work on me to clean up. After all, He is the only one who has a shot at helping me declutter my life. For I am a closet hoarder and in need of my Savior to help me through my daily messes. Without Him, I am without hope. But I trust Him, so nothing to be scared about. He is my shelter.

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Rebecca said...

Sue, Sue, Sue. You don't BEGIN to know what clutter really is!

But the Heavenly Father is blessing some of your "clutter" just as He is blessing and using your life!

Keep on listening. Keep on learning. Keep on obeying. Keep on writing!