Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He Lives!

Catastrophic. A big word with a big meaning. My thesaurus gives it three choices of interchangeable words. Destructive. Disastrous. Revolutionary. A catastrophe can bring destruction, tearing to pieces what once was and leaving ruble. A catastrophe can be disastrous, destroying or disabling ones life and family, and way of living. Also, a catastrophe is revolutionary, for this is the result of the impact of the destruction and disaster. Change does come, there is no mistaking this. What was before stops. Something new begins.

I've been thinking about this, lately. What happened to my husband when he had his accident was catastrophic for us. It destroyed part of Jim's physical life when his head was impacted, leaving him with lost abilities and challenges to conquer; and destroyed a way of life, as we knew it before the accident. It was disastrous, in the fact, that our family may never know the Jim we once knew or the unlimited possibilities to simple things we once took for granted. It has brought about change. It has been revolutionary.

But revolutionary has meanings all of its own. To revolutionize is to, change, originate, overthrow or revolt. Wow! This is a powerful word. To revolutionize your life takes energy, foresight, hope, planning, accepting change, movement, letting go of the old. It is originating a new life with new ideas, overthrowing sadness and loss and revolting against self pity and depression.

How can one survive catastrophe and, in turn, revolutionize their life? Humanly, it's near impossible, without help. I know myself, and I am one to want to run away from hurt, pain and confusion. I tend to become a recluse and hide in my own thoughts. Even after living many years in this world I tend to be sensitive and easily scarred by tragedy and hurt. The only thing that has helped me revolutionize my life is my reliance on what I know and experianced to be true and never changing. God, my father. He makes me more than a conqueror of catastrophe. He revolutionized my life thru his son, Jesus Christ, and forever impacted my tomorrows with hope. " Because He lives, I can face tomorrow."