Monday, April 01, 2013

What is Easter Like In Heaven?

Is it an annual event? Are the gates of heaven shined to a golden gloss to welcome the newly forgiven? Do all the residents from days past clean and sweep their mansions?

What about the choirs? Do they practice day and night for the heaven wide Alleluia chorus?

I hope food is part of the celebration! Especially yummy silk pies with mounds of meringue like my mama used to make. Now, those were a mouthful of heaven on earth!

I do hope there are round tables to share our feast. You know, the kind that lend themselves to intimate conversation; not those long banquet type that make it hard to hear the person two people away. And I'd like to be on the table setting duty. How I love to plan and set a lovely table for my guest to feel special.

I wonder if the angels are still in awe  that Jesus sacrificed all his life in heaven to become a mere human and live a life of strife, toil and pain on earth. He had no guarantee of acceptance or appreciation.  They must scratch their halo's and wonder why he left behind perfection and pure love to save a wretch like me.

Oh, flowers...there must be a million flowers of every color and scent, scattered through-out His kingdom. I imagine turning ever corner to a new heavenly scent.

Do you suppose church bells will ring, welcoming all of heavens residents to the great and mighty feast - the banquet of the lamb, celebrating that moment in time when love paid it all.

I can only imagine ....until He calls me home.

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Rebecca said...

It's SO interesting to "only imagine", isn't it? I liked the way you blended you memories with your imagination to compose the questions :)

(I'm really glad you posted, by the way.)