Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Resting Place

A Resting Place
I was watching American Idol tonight. As always, I am amazed at the number of people who are willing to wait in line, drive innumerable miles, give up jobs etc. to have one chance in a million to display what they believe to be "talent". Of course, there are those who indeed have talent and the risk pays least, through the first round of cuts. But then, there are those who so believe in themselves, they are in shock, and sometimes angry, when they are passed up. Can they not hear? What makes them believe in themselves enough to risk ridicule at the hands of Simon? It's so clear to us, as their audience, that they should not be doing this. But they're clueless!

Hmm! Introspection time. Am I ever clueless? How do I view myself? What about talent - or my convictions? Do I believe enough in them to risk speaking out or displaying them for all to see and judge? Well, for myself, I know I could count them on one hand. Okay, maybe 3 fingers.

My talent...well, it's in the development stage but God has given me a passion to use words to create word pictures, bring understanding, soothe a heart, create laughter, and tell a story. Is it good enough to accomplish that? The verdict is still out. Do I believe in it enough to display it for the world to judge. This isn't American Idol(baby steps) but it's my attempt -my risk.

My family...they are, as well as my writing, in the development stages(we are 'all works in progress'). But with all our bumps and blemishes...there is love, caring, good hearts, compassion. I'd proudly display them because I know, God judges the hearts...and he's a fair and loving judge. They belong to Him.

My faith...sometimes my faith is as small as a musterd seed/sometimes it's as big as a mountain. I wouldn't always want to be judged for it based on my performance. But thankfully, I don't have to be judged on me. Jesus chose me and lives in me. He is found competent, talented and judge-worthy.

Although I have other blessings in my life for which I am confident and may take a risk, for these three, though some may say I'm clueless, I believe in enough to risk it all. Simon, Paula and Randy, stand back! What about you?


Cindy Woodsmall said...


What a beautiful job of analogies and realities! Your insights speak to me as a forty-something mom of three. But it doesn't stop there. I plan on sharing your post with my only child still living at home, because as an AI fan he'll get a fresh perspective on taking chances and the viewpoint of the true Judge;-)

Thanks, CW

Robin Caroll said...

Keep striving! It's hard and frustrating and so many more things, but man, what a rush the journey is!