Friday, January 20, 2006

A Resting Place

A Resting Place

I went to Bible study last night(after extracting myself from the computer and mapping my way out of my office). We are studying the Psalms, Psalm 15 was the discussion. It warns us about our tongue and the power of the spoken word. Of course, loving words as I do, my ears were attuned. Psalm 2 & 3 say (NIV) "He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous,who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neigbor no wrong and cast no slur on his fellowman" Wow! Speaking the truth from his heart, was a good discussion. What does that mean? Truth is so subjective in our world, today. It seems to depend on who you talk to. Everyone has a version. But here's my thought. Not matter what our opions, we all have hearts that originated from God. And the heart of God doesn't lie. His heart is truthful, yet full of compassion and mercy. Words, spoken or written, are so powerful, if not from a heart of truth, can kill and destroy. When they flow from the master's heart, they uplift, heal, enlighten and renew.
What does my mouth say and my written word convey, to those within my influence and love? Being the 'wise and seasoned' woman I think I sometimes am, do I really know the depth of power God has entrusted in me with my mouth? Yikes! My heart pounds at the weight of my responsibility. When I think of the bazillionz of books written, if each one only influenced the thinking or life of one person, how does God hold us accountable?
Can I get through just one day, today, holding my tongue and speaking the truth, in love, from my heart?
If he lives in me, what will that sound like? How will that act out in my life? Things to ponder while I rest in Him.


Storyteller said...

What a powerful message. Thank you for sharing your heart.
Blessings, eunice

Robin Caroll said...

I can post just fine!

dottiev said...

My Dear Friend - you have always impressed me with the weight of your words. I still believe you are the Christian version of Erma Bombeck and I wish I had one of your books to show others the words and events God has trusted you with! Even though we live 1200 miles apart we are still close even after 30 years and I thank God for allowing your steadfastness in my life. Keep writing my friend.