Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Growth

John 10:14  "I am the good Shepard; I know my sheep and my sheep know me."

Sitting in my favorite chair, what I call my "prayer chair". Love this chair. But today, I am frustrated with myself. I nearly had to drag body to this chair to spend time with you God; creator of heaven and earth...and me. Somehow, watching a movie about General MacArthur competed for time with you, the great, powerful force in time.

But, here I am. Driven by a voice in my head and a pull in my heart whispering your name. "Come to me child."

Before you think I've become delusional and hear voices, let me explain. A mother hears the cry of her child; a servant hears his masters voice over all others; a sheep hears his Shepherd's call. There is ownership. I, too, am bought and paid for with a price. I answer to no other call.

Like all other relationships it doesn't mean I always go willingly. A child knows he cannot ignore his mothers call for him, but if in the middle of doing something fun, he may reassure his mom he is coming, to buy a little time to do what he wants to finish. He knows his mom is not going anywhere and will continue to love him.

That's me. Will I ever grow up? I am so that child sometimes.

So here I am in my chair, rain falling outside my window, Bible open, feeling once again, defeated. Not with God, but with my growth. Why is this so hard when I now with everything in me that spending time in the Word is the only thing that gives me true satisfaction, peace and a sense of hope and joy?

Glancing out my window at the Spring rain He reminds me: Growth takes time. And it's not in your time.

This Spring has come slowly. But growth is coming. Flowers are growing, though buried in the mud and darkness. The clouds cover the sunny days ahead, when the rain will stop, the warmth will return
and the earth will burst forth green and vibrant. The best encouragement of continues to happen year after year. No two Springs are alike, each determined by the harshness of the winter before and the steadfastness of the One who is faithful..

Although I am in the fall of my life, Spring always comes. Growth continues to bring forth new color and God is faithful to bring it all to pass.

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