Tuesday, July 03, 2007

OK, so I haven't continued the story. Life is happening and there is no time to write it. But I will give a short update.

We are now almost 6 months into this journey. Jim has surpassed all expectations of the medical staff and family and friends. Everyday brings a new, sometimes small, sometimes huge, reason to sing Gods praise for the progress Jim has made. Yet, I continue to ask for more.

I remember when I only needed to see Jim's eyes to be happy, then it was to move a finger, then be able to be trached, then, to breath on his own. I needed nothing more then to have each of these answered to be content for life. All these request were utterly impossible at the time. And they were huge; and they were answered and given to me.

So why, now that Jim can see, walk, talk and breath, do I put those behind me and continue to make my list for the future? Some days I stress that we will never be able to have a full conversation due to his speech problems. Or I pace the floor worrying that our conversation will never get past a circle of questions and answers. Will he remember this or that? Can we go home and carry on as before or will life be so different I won't recognize it.

What happened to, 'I only need to see his eyes to breath again?' I am amazed at my fleshly wants and poor memory for many answered prayers. Yet, I am thankful, really I am. I'm also needy. God is so much bigger then my needs, yet, I am realizing more each day that some needs are not always met in a way I will recognize. I am beginning to see them wrapped in the tissue of love and encouragement to others.

God, the Father, is using our journey of trust and hope to show Himself faithful and true, to us, and the people in our circle of life.

That, in itself, in another miracle...and, an answered prayer.


Joni said...

Yes, God is answering prayers over and over. But no, I don't think it's wrong to hope for more.

I'll keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,
Somehow I just found your site tonight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart with us during this journey. We are praying that God will continue to answer your prayers in visible ways and that you and Jim will be able to continue your love story together. We will be excited to have you back in Fort Wayne. We've missed seeing you. Your writings are beautiful. You and Jim are both very artistic and creative! Hope to see you soon! You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Was just thinking about you and happened to check your blog tonite
after having seen the family one
this morning..I was reading it to
Steve and he said..you know it's
like when your children are small
and your prayers and hopes for them
are little things and those prayers
change and grow into bigger and
"better" requests as the child matures...it's ok to want more and more for Jim as he continues to
grow and mature back from the
child-like from that he was kind
of sent back to... I thought
that was very insightful...
again I want to thank you for
sharing this journey with us...
we learn so much from watching
God work in your life.
Love you sweetie

Cara Putman said...


Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. You don't know how much that meant to receive. Especially with everything going on in your life. So glad Jim gets to come home! That's an answer to prayer, and we will continue to pray as you and your family walk this journey.